Website updates

Release 3.1

27th April 2016

  • Fixed R-chie diagrams
  • Improved loading time for sequence tabs on family pages
  • Read full announcement on the blog.

Release 3.0

17th September 2014

  • Removed references to full alignments throughout the site
  • Added sequence motifs, in tab under the family pages and as a separate set of pages specific to each motif
  • Internal changes to the sequence search system to use the EBI search infrastructure

Release 2.2

14th August 2012

  • Added sunburst species trees
  • Added biomart
  • Improved single sequence search tool
  • Added RefSeq regions to family page

Release 2.1

1st June 2011

  • Added a “Browse by wikipedia title” page.
  • Updated VARNA applet.
  • Added Gene Ontology and Sequence Ontology links to family pages.

Release 2.0

15th April 2010

  • Re-worked the alignment tab in family pages. Added new formats and new tools for viewing alignments, such as colorstock.
  • We now provide secondary structure views using the VARNA applet.
  • Rfam now includes clans. You can find clans via the browse pages and linked on pages for families that are members of clans.
  • You can now select nodes in the species tree and download the list of sequence accessions or an alignment of the regions for the selected nodes.
  • We now show sequence features using images taken from the European nucleotide archive (ENA) sequence feature viewer.

Release 1.5.2

9th October 2009

This was a maintenance release, needed to keep in sync with changes to the underlying codebase. The only significant change is the introduction of a new history mechanism for pages with a tab layout. The browser back button should now correctly take you back to the last tab that you viewed, rather than to the previous page altogether. Bookmarking tabs should now be possible too.

Release 1.5.1

9th June 2009

  • Added Google Analytics code
  • Added help pages
  • Fixed a problem with viewing three-dimensional structures

Release 1.5

15th January 2009

  • This release coincides with the release of Rfam 9.1. There are several changes and improvements throughout the site.

Release 1.4

7th January 2008

  • Improved sequence validation for sequence searches.
  • New help section on privacy.
  • Sequence search defaults have been changed. Check the search form help text.
  • Pfam domains drawn with molecular surfaces in AstexViewer.
  • Fixed a bug in output of batch sequence searches.

Release 1.3

Bug fixes and other improvements.

Release 1.2

15th October 2007

  • Reinstated taxonomy searches.
  • Performance and stability improvements in IE.
  • Metaseq data are now available.
  • Find sequences using NCBI “GI” number.

Release 1.1

18th September 2007

Bug fixes and other improvements.