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Rfam is a collection of non-coding RNA families represented by manually curated sequence alignments, consensus secondary structures, and predicted homologues.

This documentation is maintained by the Rfam team. Please report any issues or contribute on GitHub.



Rfam is freely available under the Creative Commons Zero (“CC0”) licence.

We choose CC0 because:

  • It is most in line with the spirit of EMBL-EBI’s Terms of use and places data in the public domain without constraints. We believe that this approach to research data sharing strengthens open science and scientific progress.

  • It is the best way to encourage remixing and reuse as it makes clear to any user – academic, commercial or otherwise – that the data are not owned by anyone and therefore can be used freely.

  • It saves researchers time when reusing the data, which speeds up the process of science.

Rfam conforms to the EBI long-term data preservation policy.

Citing Rfam

If you use Rfam in your work, please consider citing the Rfam references.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to submit a GitHub issue or email us at rfam-help@ebi.ac.uk.


Rfam is supported by the BBSRC and Wellcome and is developed at the EMBL-EBI.

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